Learning German

With a group of friends, we challenged ourselves to design posters every day for one month.

We were working separately on the same topics but using 4 different languages that we`d just started to learn. I chose German. The simplicity of the topics reflects the very early stage of the learning process. This is a selection of posters that I like the most. If you would like to see all of them, visit this Tumblr page.

Year: 2017

A typographic poster with print marks
A poster with a cup of coffee and sentence in German: One black coffee, please

A poster with a swimming cap
A poster with scanned plastic bag

A typographic poster with word Prost which means Cheers in German and an empty glass
A poster with an illustration of devil and text Zum Teufel which means Dammit

A poster with illustrations of vegetables
An animated poster with an illustration of a cat

A poster with an illustration of a butt and text in German: You have a nice butt
A poster with an illustration about smoking cigarettes

A poster about Oktoberfest with an illustration of beer
A poster illustrating 4 seasons

A poster with an illustration of a man upside down
A poster about 5 sins

A typographic poster explaining family relations in German
A poster explaining how to name plants in German

A poster with an illustration of different types of meat
A poster with numbers written in German