Dorota and Jakub

Wedding invitations

My friends Dorota and Jakub asked me to design their wedding invitation.

The whole design is based mainly on the typography. Combination of typefaces I used symbolically refers to different characters of the newlyweds – cheerful and hearty Dorota got soft letters of irregular shape. Jakub on the other hand – a serious entrepreneur who, however, sometimes likes to go crazy – got elegant letters, but with a slightly slanted letter K (K is for Kuba – short for Jakub). They liked the invitation so much that they asked me to elaborate more elements. We ended up with the full identity system with menus, bottle etiquettes and flags. Even the wedding cake had the main typographic motive on it.

Wedding photos: Bartłomiej Zackiewicz
Year: 2015

Wedding invitation front cover
Photography of the newlyweds leaving the church after the ceremony

Invitation for the wedding repeat
Front cover of an invitation for the wedding repeat

A white flag with the main typographic motive
A white flag with the main typographic motive

Wedding invitations in envelopes
An animation showing the wedding invitations in different languages

Photography of a small bottle with the main typographic motive on it
Wedding menu design

Wedding menu design
Photography of people dancing

Photography of wayfinding system
Wayfinding icons

Photography of the newlyweds cutting the wedding cake
Photography of the wedding cake with the main typographic motive on it